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  • Goatskin is durable leather and will serve you well. A few tips about care will help to keep your gloves in great shape.
  •  Leather breathes and absorbs humidity. Store your gloves in a dry, airy place; Do not store in humid areas which will cause mildew to grow. Do not store in plastic. The linen bag these gloves arrived in is a perfect, breathable container to store your gloves.
  • To wash your gloves, first brush away all loose dirt using a dry cloth. Then moisten a cloth with warm water and mild soap and wipe gloves. If needed, difficult stains can be treated with a bit of pumice based cleanser. Rinse lightly but thoroughly, using only as much water as needed to remove all soap. When gloves are completely dry, use lanolin based conditioner to restore softness and suppleness.
  • Keep the cowhide sleeve clean with a stiff brush made for suede.