Fir Tree Brand

We love gardening and landscaping and have been working in our own garden for over thirty years. Over those many years we’ve learned that to do it well (and keep enjoying it!) we need to rely on top notch equipment that won’t fall apart or give out before the end of its first season. We have tried and tested all sorts of garden tools and along the way, we’ve found some truly special items. Whenever we do, we always want to share them with the gardeners in our family and among our friends. And now, with you.

We work hard to make sure that your experience with our garden tools makes you want to get outside and do some more with them. We inspect each and every item before we approve them, ensuring that the quality you receive is the very best. Occasionally something slips by us but when it does, we go out of our way to make it right. Our customers are also our fellow gardeners – we are members of the same community. Our customer service is as high quality as what we sell. It’s important to us to get it right, every time.